While the Ginninderra Swim Club does not have a compulsory uniform, we do encourage swimmers to wear a club polo shirt, hoodie and cap when competing at meets. To order uniform items, please email uniforms@ginninderramarlins.org.au 

Price List


The new silicone caps can be purchased at $15 each. please email uniforms@ginninderramarlins.org.au 

For anyone competing at State or National events the club now has State and National Representative caps that can be purchased.  If you are competing at one of the upcoming State meets and would like a State Rep cap please email Brad (racesecretary@ginninderramarlins.org.au ).  These caps are silicone and are $15 each (note: State and National Rep caps can only be purchased if the swimmer has represented Ginninderra, not just be eligible to attend). 


For more information and to order please contact the club's uniform officer:




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