Meet Entry

The entry process for each Meet may vary slightly between the different competitions but generally there will either be a manual entry option or an online option. 

The race secretary will email information out to swimming families about upcoming meets and also circulate draft meet entry reports in which swimmers have about a week to make any changes.

The entry process is detailed on each Meet program.

The process for entering most NSW and ACT events is as follows:

Find out Ginninderra's closing date for the meet by referring to the "Events Calendar" page of the club’s website.  Please note that Ginninderra's closing date will be earlier than the closing date listed on the Meet Flyer for manual entries.


  1. Work out which races you want to enter and the cost of each. This information is on the meet flyer.
  2. For MANUAL ENTRIES:  Entry details MUST be emailed to the Race Secretary by the advertised GSC closing date to  Entry details should include swimmers name, event number and event name.
  3. Preferred method of Payment  for manual entries is via direct debit (if paying by cash or cheque please email the Treasurer).Fees for the meet will be advised on the meet flyer.  ALL PAYMENTS including coaching levy (refer to coaching levies tab) MUST be paid BEFORE the closing date.
  4. For ONLINE ENTRIES: Click on the online entries link. Enter your username and password that was given to you when you joined the club. Choose the events in which you wish to compete and proceed to payment.


Note: Country, State and National competition entries will only be available online through either the Swimming NSW or Swimming Australia website.







In regards to country, state and national meets coaching levies, notice of withdrawal and the reason for same must be in writing to the Race Secretary and will only be credited at the discretion of the executive committee.


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