State, Country and National Meets

NSW Country (all areas of NSW except metropolitan Sydney), NSW State and National meets are extremely competitive, high level meets. The qualifying times are challenging to obtain, just obtaining the qualifying times are an achievement of their own!

Ginninderra Swim Club wishes to congratulate all our NSW and National representatives on their achievement.

Ginninderra NSW State rep swimmers are entitles to wear a ‘STATE REP’ Ginninderra Swimming cap.

National rep swimmers are entitled to wear a ‘NATIONAL REP’ cap and a ‘NATIONAL REP’ club shirt. Please email

Prior to these meets, an eligibility report will be emailed to members and posted to this website. This report will notify which swimmers are eligible to enter the events.

Entry is via the online links on the Swimming NSW or Swimming Australia Websites.

The qualifying times for the 2016 meets are listed below.

NSW Country

10 & U-12 years NSW State Age

13-18 years NSW State Age

NSW State Open championships

2016 Georgina Hope Foundation Australian Age Swimming Championships - SAALC, Adelaide, SA

2016 Hancock Prospecting Australian Swimming Championships - SAALC, Adelaide, SA


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