Development Meets

To enter and compete in a Development meet you need to be a member of the Ginninderra Swimming Club (not just the CISAC training program).


For new swimmers, development meets are usually the first type of meet you compete in. They are run in a similar style to the ACT Schools Zone swimming carnival.

Development meets are designed to encourage new swimmers to compete with swimmers of a similar standard so they gain confidence in a racing environment with the emphasis on participation and having fun.

New swimmers can use development meets to gain qualifying times for other meets such as qualifying meetsCountry and State meets.

Swimmers are rarely disqualified at development meets but officials may speak to them if they have done something wrong. Swimmers should not be upset by this: it is so they will learn and improve.

There are usually four development meets in the summer Long Course (LC) season and four meets in the winter short course (SC) season.

The ACT Swimming Development Series has two divisions (or groups) for award purposes, Development and Intermediate. Swimmers are classified as Intermediate Division for an event once they have achieved a time equal to or faster than the Intermediate level time set for that event. If a swimmer does not have a time for a particular event (NT) or their best time for an event is slower than the Intermediate level time they are classified as Development Division for that event.

The development meets are listed on the Swimming ACT website. a SAMPLE development meet flyer is included here

You can usually choose up to five races to enter in a development meet. Once you have chosen the races you want to enter, please email the Gininderra Race Secretary, Brad, at to be entered into the meet. Note: the cost of race entry and the coaching levy must be paid to the Ginninderra Swimming club.

Each Swimmer must have a parent present to assist in timekeeping duties. Usually a timekeeper is rostered on for one hour.

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